Services Provided

Bill has helped individuals, couples and families successfully navigate challenges in their lives by using a mindful approach to coaching and counseling. Here are some of the issues he regularly assists clients in resolving . . .

Parenting Skills

Coaching can help parents move towards more integrated parenting styles and come together on natural consequences that can have profound positive effects on the family. Parenting with step children and in single or divorcing families presents specific challenges that can be overcome through healthier, more effective parenting approaches. Counseling offered for families with young children, adolescents and young adults alike.

Family Conflicts

Conflicts can be successfully resolved when family members are coached to take a mindful look at the roots and patterns of conflicts that occur in their family.

Couples Issues

A variety of concerns arise throughout the lifespan of our most significant relationships. Coaching and counseling can move couples toward a happier, healthier union.

Workplace Challenges

Whether dealing with difficult work-family issues, a stressful promotion or the birthing of a whole new career, the amount of time we spend in the workplace warrants good attention and effort toward improving how we deal with these issues.

Launching Children

Late adolescence and early adulthood present stressful times for both parents and children. While families work to design new plans for children to begin living away from home, much previously unacknowledged material can arise and cause unanticipated conflict and tumultuous times.

Empty Nesting

While spending many years planning for and raising children, many couples find they face great challenges when it comes time to plan out their own next few years. Coaching couples and parents to approach such times with a mindful and open heart helps move them toward making valuable and fulfilling choices at this transitional time in life.

Retirement Challenges

Individuals and couples frequently experience unexpected problems adjusting to the wide variety of changes that retirement or partial retirement presents to them. As with other mid-life transitions, this stage calls us to make individual adjustments that often involve emotional challenges, a re-defining of the self and taking a look at personal values.

Other Issues Treated

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Substance Abuse
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Eating Disorders (and other addictive disorders)
  • Sexuality Issues (sexual compulsivity/addiction, desire issues/disorders, intimacy issues)

Bill works with clients in individual sessions, couples sessions or in a family format. Each session takes place in a comfortable and casual environment that focuses on a mindful approach to life's issues.