Professional Services Fees

Private Rate

The cost of each 50-minute psychotherapy/counseling office visit is $100.00

Insurance Rates

Bill is in-network with many insurance plans and employee assistance plans and contracts with those plans for specified rate for services rendered. Check your plan for your portion of the cost.

No Show Charge

The cost of missed office visits without the required 24-hour notice is $75.00.

Returned Check

A service charge of $35 will be charged for each returned check

Expert Testimony & Other Court Proceedings

The cost of providing Expert Witness testimony, or other testimony as may be required, is $175.00 per hour, and $75.00 per hour Travel Time

Immigration Assessments

Complete assessment and written report is $125.00, after a minimum of two office visits for clinical assessment at the Private Rate or utilizing insurance coverage.

Psychological Evaluation and Testing

Complete clinical assessment, testing and written report is $475.00

Substance Abuse Evaluations

Complete clinical assessment, testing and written report is $275.00

Financial Hardship

The costs of psychotherapy/counseling and evaluations are set at a fair market value however, you are encouraged to discuss with Bill Mory if you believe you have a current and actual financial hardship and need to make a special arrangement.